In the Service of Humanity and Guruji

I am the Joy, Essence, Full Expression and Radiance of the Divine Brilliance!

Guiding women to be their best selves in all their relationships with self, others and the environment.

Tara  Maniar is a Holistic Life Coach and Wellness Specialist; Focusing Practitioner; Yoga Instructor and Spiritual Guide. She empowers women for self awareness, transformation and growth to awaken their true feminine power [Divine Shakti] to be their best selves for a life of deep fulfilment, peace and joy.

Tara has a passion for working with women who want authentic relationships with self and others at home, work and play. She brings compassion, wisdom, intuition, honour and the human aspect to her group and individual sessions.

Born in the cosmopolitan island of Trinidad in the West Indies, Tara was a young leader full of joy and laughter who had self confidence and the ability to overcome challenges. Then at the age of 13, she moved to Canada where, as an immigrant teenager in small town Manitoba, Tara lost her identity, joy, self confidence and sense of belonging. 

Later, after 22 years of marriage, her husband commented that she was always angry and scowling. This became the catalyst to begin the process of awakening her inner feminine power [Divine Shakti] to re-discover her true identity and transform her dissatisfaction with life into feeling happy, empowered and at peace with the roles she fulfilled in her family, professionally in her work and spiritually in the context of an international community. 

In  2001, Tara traveled to India to serve with her spiritual master, H H Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji.  This and several more pilgrimages to India and Tibet gave her the opportunities to meet and learn from many spiritual masters and leaders, including H H Dalai Lama.  Additionally, she studied Focusing, yoga and meditation for her own healing and transformation; and, with a dedicated commitment to her own spiritual practice, Tara re-discovered her true identity and ultimately she experienced how to identify with the divine.

Having the courage to explore her fears and insecurities, Tara mastered transforming identity challenges and crises into opportunities to learn and grow.  She witnessed ecstatic states, the mysticism of Oneness and how to enjoy the freedom of living in and accepting the moment as it is.  From her own deep transformations and digging deep into spirit for the identity she desperately wanted, came the ability to facilitate women who struggle with identity challenges to move through their sadness, anger, insecurities and fears to discover their true self and explore their full potential; and, developed a system to empower women to awaken their true feminine power to be their best selves in all of their various relationships with self and others at home, work and play for deep fulfillment, peace and joy.

Tara lives with her husband in Winnipeg, Canada.  They have two sons and two grandsons.

To learn more about her coaching programs to get inspired about discovering your true self and exploring your full potential, please sign up for a complimentary discovery session with an email to Tara at

Vision:  Vasudaiva Kutumbakam - We are one family; living in one home - Mother Earth!


Mission:  to guide individuals to self awareness, transformation and growth for a life of fulfilment and joy; and to serve Humanity and Guruji in all activities.



  • Ahimsa:  non-injury to self, others and all of creation in thoughts, words and actions
  • Active compassion
  • Love;
  • Respect;
  • Devotion;
  • Integrity
  • Humility; and,
  • Enthusiam.


Purpose:  to live, serve and lead from my divine self


Calling:  Spiritual Guide, Holistic Life Coach, Speaker

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