Testimonials:  Holistic Wellness

"It has been a blessing and an inspiration to spend time with Tara. With her thoughtful guidance, I am able to discover my own answers, see my beliefs from a new perspective, realign them, set new goals and take time to appreciate my journey. Thank you Tara for helping me to live my life’s purpose". Diana M.  


My experience with Tara was life changing. Our sessions one on one still sit vividly with me today.

In her sessions, Tara creates a clear and nurturing space in which the body and thinking mind are able to both quickly and radically relax. Once this happens, the subconscious and spiritual bodies are able to express themselves. Tara guided me through two visualization meditations and both times piquant and vivid imagery of my experience of my self and my fears came pouring out unabashedly. Tara continues to guide the visualizations until all details are released. My mind felt empty and I could finally see my fears as separate entities from myself. It was the first time I was able to experience and digest that i am not my thoughts and I am not my fears. This freedom has led me to continue to explore this path of hearing the call of my subconscious and my spirit and thus act in support of them rather than suppressing them.

These sessions, these moments in time, I believe were the catalysts for what now has become a dedicated spiritual journey. 

Sarra Kaufman, USA



Testimonials:  Workshops 

  • Absolutely loved it! Very eye opening and humbling. I will start as soon as i get home to pass on to my kids.
  • Very thought provoking!
  • Very engaging and enthusiastic. She was interested in getting us to think more deeply about the topic. When questions arose she easily shifted gears to discuss topics of interest to the group.

  • Tara was absolutely excellent. She presented the material well and managed comments and input from people taking the course in a positive very.

  • In 2007, our workplace undertook a huge endeavour to train all of our 125 staff in cultural awareness and diversity.   She gracefully handled any conflicts between participants and made it worthwhile for everyone.  She managed the differing personalities, education levels and perspectives with professionalism and empathy.    Recently, we hired Tara back to facilitate training for our new 25 staff.  Again, Tara received glowing evaluations from all staff.  Staff said she was, “excellent, vibrant, engaging, energetic, friendly” and that they “learned a lot, loved the atmosphere, (felt) enlightened!”  Tara’s experience and vast knowledge is clear.  Her vision, fun style, life philosophy lend well to her facilitation.  Thank you Tara for our increased self awareness and cultural diversity! Mae Choo-Mah, B.S.W., R.S.W. Family Support Coordinator, Cultural Diversity Committee, The Family Centre.



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